Thematic Cities Cluster

COVID-19 Response and Recovery & Public Health

The Cities Cluster on COVID-19 Response and Recovery offers a space for knowledge sharing and collaboration among cities partners of the Global South on how to respond, mitigate and recover from the pandemic, and how to prevent and prepare for future crises and emergencies. 

While living in cities may offer many opportunities, there are also urban health risks to be considered. The COVID-19 pandemic intensified challenges and vulnerabilities in developing countries, especially in cities with high population density, lacking proper health care facilities and with limited governance mechanisms. In the initial stage of the pandemic, an estimated 95 percent of COVID-19 confirmed cases were reported in urban areas (UN Habitat, 2021).  

In this context, the Cities Project received an increased number of requests for support in COVID-19 response and recovery and access to public health services. In 2021, the Cities Project will continue prioritizing requests received in this area and work with specialized UN agencies in different regions on enhancing collaborations and developing capacities of cities and institutions in public health emergency preparedness and response as well as social-economic recovery. 

The Cities Project welcomes city partners interested in participating in this Cities Cluster on COVID-19 Response and Recovery and hopes the knowledge exchanged here leads to more South-South cooperation and a swift post-pandemic social and economic recovery  

Latest News and Updates

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July 7, 2021

UNDRR GETI, UNOSSC & WHO Conclude Online Joint Training with South-South Cities Exchange on Innovative Experiences

July 1, New York: Under the theme of “Build Back Better: Harnessing South-South Cooperation and Risk Reduction Planning for Resilient and Healthy Cities in the Post-COVID-19 Era”, the fourth and…
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May 12, 2021

UNDRR GETI, UNOSSC & WHO Joint Online Training: Build Back Better, 8-29 June 2021

 UNDRR GETI, UNOSSC & WHO Joint Online Training Build Back Better: Harnessing SSC and Risk Reduction Planning for Resilient and Healthy Cities in the Post-COVID-19 Era When: 8, 15, 22,…
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April 26, 2021

UNOSSC and UNDP Support Local Elected Women Leaders in The Gambia in the Fight Against COVID-19

Finance Center for South-South Cooperation of China donates 200,000 Facemasks to Banjul of The Gambia 26 April 2021, New York - UNOSSC’s Cities Project has partnered with the Finance Center for…
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April 21, 2021

Cities Project Special Newsletter, January 2021 – From South to South

The COVID-19 pandemic is a massive challenge for cities and local administrations on the front lines, rich and poor alike. Cities are currently being tested to the extreme by this…