Future of Regional Cooperation in Asia and the Pacific (ADB, 2020)

By December 14, 2020 Publications

This publication by Asian Development Bank (ADB) focuses on areas within four broad themes for spurring policy efforts toward creating more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future for Asia-Pacific economies by: (1) promoting regional public goods that are supplied by states in geographic proximity and that primarily benefit the states in the region; (2) leveraging trade and investment for inclusive growth, particularly through boosting intraregional trade and foreign direct investment to raise participation in global value chains; (3) strengthening financial cooperation with special policy attention to crisis prevention and management; and (4) building resilience in preparing for the post-COVID-19.

This book is a compilation of research papers on the RCI development agenda prepared over the past several years for ADB’s annual Asian Economic Integration Report. It explores how to strengthen and better leverage RCI to help attain the Sustainable Development Goals.